We’re delighted that DANCING AT THE FOUNTAIN made it onto the Business Books of the Year listing in the Irish Examiner on Monday, 28 December.

Here’s what John Daly had to say:

Dancing At The Fountain: In Conversation With World Leading Hoteliers by Conor Kenny, Oak Tree Press €29.99

Kenny, a hotel and hospitality development expert interviewed a group of general managers from the world’s greatest hotels, including Kiaran MacDonald at The Savoy Hotel in London; Philippe Leboeuf at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris; Michael Davern of the K Club; Bernard Murphy at Gleneagles; and Greg Liddell of the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona.

Their stories are about greeting the great and the good, including presidents and heads of state and pop celebrities.

Hard work features in the hoteliers’ meteoric career rises — as does a focus on service, attention to detail, and a love of people, guests and staff alike.

The book’s title is taken from an impromptu dance Michael Jackson spontaneously created to a sequenced water display in the foyer fountain of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.


DANCING AT THE FOUNTAIN: IN CONVERSATION WITH WORLD-LEADING HOTELIERS by Conor Kenny is now available in hardback format from SuccessStore.com and all good bookshops.

It’s a unique book of conversations and interviews by Conor Kenny, a leading hotel and hospitality learning and development expert. The hoteliers interviewed in the book include:

  • Kiaran MacDonald, The Savoy Hotel, London;
  • Philippe Leboeuf, Mandarin Oriental, Paris;
  • Nathalie Seiler-Hayez, The Connaught Hotel, London;
  • Michael Davern, The K Club, Ireland;
  • Bernard Murphy, Gleneagles, Scotland;
  • Greg Liddell, The Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona;
  • Luc Delafosse, Hôtel de Crillon, Paris.

Providing a unique perspective on the world of luxury and caring for the rich and the famous through the eyes of those who run some of the world’s iconic hotels, the book will make fascinating reading for anyone interested in a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the very best hotels in the world. It will be especially valuable for today’s hotel managers as well as upcoming hoteliers who want to understand how the best hotels are run and what took these seven people to the very top of their industry.


OAK TREE PRESS is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of DANCING AT THE FOUNTAIN: IN CONVERSATION WITH WORLD-LEADING HOTELIERS, a fascinating book of interviews by Conor Kenny, he meets seven of the world’s leading hoteliers, who between them have run the world’s very best hotels, and recounts their stories of their journey to the very top of the hotel industry.

Their stories are unique, sometimes emotional, always deeply personal and absolutely absorbing:

  • Watching 9/11 happen live while on the telephone to her father in Switzerland;
  • Dealing with bomb threats and possible evacuation of an entire hotel the morning Nelson Mandela is due to arrive;
  • Greeting the great and the good, from presidents and heads of state to pop celebrities;
  • Quelling rioters by serving them breakfast;
  • Hosting the Ryder Cup golf tournament;
  • Managing egos;
  • Opening new hotels and reviving the old, while still keeping the spirit that made them great.

And the hoteliers’ insights on the future of luxury hotels make compelling reading, from a rarely-heard source.